How to Use


The Golf Ball Stamp is an easy product to use to create personalized golf balls and mark your golf ball when you are out on the course. Due to the large stamping pad that allows for more characters and bigger logos our Deluxe Golf Ball Stamp require you to roll the golf ball across the stamp for the best results.

Here are three easy steps to help you get the best quality of image with the Deluxe Golf Ball Stamp.

1. Begin by making a few practice impressions on an old golf ball. Turn the stamp upside down and set it on a table. Remove the cover. Hold the golf ball directly over the center of the stamp.

2. Using light pressure, “roll” the ball over the center of the stamp. It may be helpful to roll the ball left-to-right and front-to-back so the entire stamp image is pressed against the surface of the ball.

3. Lift the ball straight up and allow the ink to dry for about 10 seconds before touching the image. Stamp again on several areas of the ball so you’ll quickly see your mark as you approach you golf ball on the course. Hopefully your on the fairway or green, so your mark is easy to spot.

View the full Golf Ball Stamp instructions pdf with images.