Q: How large is the Golf Ball Stamp?

A: About 2” x 2” x 2”. It can easily be carried in your pocket or golf bag.


Q: How many balls will it stamp?

A: With regular re-inking it should stamp thousands of balls. A bottle of refill ink is included with each stamp.


Q: How is it re-inked?

A: Just turn it over and put a few drops of ink on the printing surface. Then blot off the excess ink. For complete instructions click here.


Q: How is the Golf Ball Stamp different than changeable band stamps sold for golf balls?

A: Graphics! We can put almost any clipart or logo image on a stamp. Initials or names can also be used. You can use up to 12 characters (the more you request, the smaller they’ll be). The mark that you make with the Golf Ball Stamp is truly “one of a kind.”


Q: What images can I use?

A: Almost any logo or clipart image that is not copyrighted or you own the copyright to can be used.


Q: How large can the image be?

A: For ease of stamping, logos will be no than 0.5” diameter. Names or lines of text will be up to 0.625” long. There is a maximum of 12 characters.


Q: Is the imprint permanent?

A: The ink dries permanently on most ball surfaces. When using “super-slick” or “non-stick” coated balls the life of the imprint may be significantly shorter.


Q: How does it print inside of the dimples?

A: The stamp surface is made of porous rubber with millions of tiny cells loaded with ink (think of a sponge). When the ball is rolled over the stamp, the surface flexes to contact and transfer ink to all parts of the ball.


Q: Does it stamp anything else?

A: It can be used to stamp virtually anything! The ink dries on most surfaces including paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc. You could actually stamp the shafts and heads of your clubs along with golf shoes, golf bag, golf hat – the list is endless.


Q: When and how will my order ship?

A: In most cases we need only 5-7 days to make your stamp or golf gift product. Standard shipping is via first class mail. Shipping charge is $5.95 per order, and FREE for orders of $40+. Optional shipping methods are Priority Mail and UPS.


Q: What about international shipping?

A: We’ll gladly ship internationally. Select the international shipping option when placing your order, and you will be emailed the international shipping charges after the order is placed. If you do not wish to pay the shipping charges then you have the option of canceling the order.


Q: What are appropriate occasions to give the Golf Ball Stamp?

A: All of the obvious holidays (Christmas, Father’s/Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc.). Also consider it for a gift or prize in golf tournaments or any golf related event.


Q: Do you sell it “wholesale”?

A: We have programs for reselling stamps in pro shops or sporting goods stores. We also offer it with custom case imprinting for corporate sales by advertising specialty resellers (ASI 63080). Contact us for more information.


Q: Do you make other stamping products?

A: Yes! We are a full line manufacturer of stamps and related items. For more information on our company, please visit www.rubber-stamp.com.