How to Re-Ink the Golf Ball Stamp

With proper care and re-inking you can mark thousand of golf ball with the Golf Ball Stamp. Each stamp comes with a free bottle of refill ink; you can also order more online by clicking here.

Steps to Re-Ink Your Golf Ball Stamp Properly

1. When the stamp begins to run out of ink, refill it only with Golf Ball Stamp Ink! No other ink will work with your stamp. Start by removing the cover.

2. With the stamp “up” put a few drops of ink directly on top of the printing message. DO NOT OVER INK as it will be difficult to get a good impression if too much ink is in the stamp.

3. Using a tissue or other soft cloth, blot the surface of the stamp using your thumb. DO NOT RUB! Press the tissue straight down on the printing message to absorb excess ink. Stamp a piece of paper a few times before stamping a ball.


Any time that the stamp appears to be over inked, excess ink can be blotted away using the tissue method described 
above. When using the stamp in areas of high humidity or high heat, the ink in the stamp may become thinner in viscosity and the stamp may need to be blotted occasionally.
When not in use be sure the cover is securely on the stamp or the ink will dry out!